One billion hungry and…

This opinion piece from Nature magazine offers offers some insightful comments on how we could work to solve major problems in the global food and agricultural system.

According to Joachim von Braun (director of the Center for Development Research and professor for Economic and Technological Change – Bonn University) the problem is that no independent body exists that is able to represent the interests of all nations. 

von Braun thinks that as long as the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) (currently administered by FAO) "remains under the control of UN organizations…and depends for funding on the very organizations it is supposed to guide," its hands are tied.

He suggests that the CFS be given the power to operate independently, to encourage government-to-goverment networks that would induce the kind of cooperation that would be beneficial to all.

(The library has a subscription to Nature that covers all FAO staff. If you want to connect from home, go through the Secure Access Gateway. You can just paste the URL you want to see into the search box on the SAG home page)


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1 Response to One billion hungry and…

  1. Brad Fallon says:

    Yes i think there should be an independent body to work on government to government regarding this concern. This a very big job to be tackle alone by one organization. There are a lot of hungry people in widespread around the world, one organization cannot cater to all their needs. It should start from its government.

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